This is the Beginning

As an introduction, this blog has been assigned to our Electronic Communications class as our first project. I have wanted to start blogging prior to enrolling in this course, but I was worried it would be difficult to keep those who follow me entangled in what I am blogging about. However, with being given the opportunity, I am excited to start this blog in hopes to spark more creativity and fun within myself when planning parties and events. I also hope that the themed events I share will inspire others for themselves! In the past, I have assisted my Step Mom, as well as my Mom, when they plan events (They both are geared to become Hostess’ of the year, basically) and as I have gotten older, I have become more involved. Being a college student, it is important to remain on budget, but be able to still make your idea come to life. Following this post will begin the adventure of entertaining, spontaneous, bright, fun-filled parties and events. In continuation with my Step Mom and Mom being inspirations to me, I have taken interest in much of Tori Spelling’s advice on party planning. This is the beginning – time to have fun.


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