The Tackier, The Better!

As the holiday seasons begin to arouse, one will hear of many different themed parties occurring around the neighborhood. From Autumn colors blooming, to red and green lights hanging on every house on the block, this time of the year sparks for the fun of party planning to begin! I wanted to start my blog with one of my personal favorite holiday parties: A Christmas party. When planning a Christmas party, a hostess has many options on the theme she may choose. Last December, it seemed the perfect amount of cliché and tacky to decide upon an Ugly Christmas Sweater themed party. The details that go into a themed party are very simple and those exact details are what allow your party to be precisely what you want.

First thing’s first: Creating the atmosphere. For our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, we began with the decor around the house. As the guests walk in, they are greeted with joyful Christmas tunes and a large Christmas tree in the entryway. In correlation, we made sure to have tinsel wrapped around the banister to set the perfect scene for the photo-shoots that would occur on the staircase later that evening.


ABOVE: My brother, myself, our close family friend, and my step-mom being goofy and having a blast. Best Christmas card, ever, right?

In the kitchen, dining room, and living room is where the party remained for the most part. The atmosphere there included yummy food, tasty drinks and lots of good conversation and laughter. As a hostess, it is vital to make sure the atmosphere is fun, relaxed and entertaining for ALL the guests attending. In this case, that wasn’t too difficult because the theme itself permitted plenty of entertainment. As the title of this party describes, each guest was to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. There were no guidelines other than the person who was the most creative with envisioning the ugliest/most tacky (or most amusing) Christmas sweater, would win a prize after a vote at the end of the night. Let me tell ya, there was quite the creativity!


ABOVE: A couple of guests showing off their ugly (and somewhat inappropriate, lol) sweaters! The tackier, the BETTER.

BELOW: My dad (left) and another fun guest. Yes, that is an actual mini Christmas tree stuck onto the sweater.


Included in the importance of a party is the food and drinks you provide. For this party, we kept it quite simple and it was a hit! With it being an adult Christmas party, we stuck with finger foods and Christmas inspired beverages. The foods included: spicy meatballs, star wontons, Christmas sugar cookies, and buffalo cheese dip. The drinks provided were an assortment of nonalcoholic beverages (Cranberry juice, Fresca, etc), and the rave of the night: Jingle Juice. (ingredients: one bottle of pink champagne, 2 cups of vodka, and 2 liter of sprite. Also, optional to add strawberry sherbet ice cream)


ABOVE: This was snapped before some of the food was placed, but gives a good idea of what the decor included. You can never go wrong with snowflakes, and candy canes around Christmas!

Throughout the evening, everyone had a blast. Because of all the fun had, this will now be an annual party thrown in the Tate Household. In conclusion to the memorable party, we made sure everyone had voted for who they believed had the ugliest, most tacky or most creative sweater and counted the votes. Pictured below is the winner… I’m not sure if he won for wit, or entertainment. But no matter, it was a successful party!

christmas 7


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