Diamonds are Forever

Engagement season seems to come in hot and heavy around the conclusion of the summer, as well as the major holidays. For my cousin, Carlee Anne, she was able to celebrate around both times. Carlee and her now husband, Dalton, got engaged Christmas of 2012 and married in September of 2013. This allowed the perfect summertime bachelorette party, in which we all had a blast.

There are endless entertaining games and ideas that may go into a bachelorette party. For our wedding party, the fun began in the afternoon. All of the bridesmaids, maid of honor and bride-to-be ate lunch in downtown Tulsa at one of the brides favorite restaurants. Following this, we were all required to step out of our comfort zone a bit: a pole dancing class. Although 9 times out of 10 the wedding party will say “No” if asked if they want to attend a class such as this, it is something I would recommend for any Bridal party. The key to getting everyone to participate? Don’t ask questions. Make sure everyone keeps in the front of their mind that this party is solely for the bride and you all are there for the same reason: To celebrate the love of your friend/family and make fools of yourselves together! As we entered, our instructor popped open some champagne for us to “Cheers!” to the bride-to-be. As the class proceeded, we all loosened up a bit and just had fun with it. It’s the perfect combination of awkward, amusing, and an ab workout for all involved!


ABOVE: The bride-to-be with one of the bridesmaids! As you can tell, this made everyone feel a little sassy along with extremely silly.

Following the pole dancing class, we returned to the hotel to get ready for the Bridal shower and the night-out ahead of us. After everyone had gotten ready, we all joined the bride in her suite for the shower part of the night. Upon entry, there was a table for presents, and a separate table with drinks and cupcakes. We all sat in a giant circle around the room and watched as Carlee opened presents. We also indulged in a concoction made by the Maid-of-Honor: The Blushing Bride, definitely one to try!

After the Bridal shower we had a little bit of time to go around in the circle and tell our favorite memory/story each of us had with Carlee. Things like this are important in making the bride feel special and reiterate the reason why each person that is present is there. As I stated before, all of the girls attending are there for the same reason. It’s very important to make sure no one loses sight of that through the night. A girl only gets married once!!

Before departing the on the limo to begin the festivities out and about in Tulsa, we were informed of the game we were to play throughout the night. Each person was handed three cards, and was to perform at least one of the three cards. However, this wasn’t just any deck of cards. Each card had a form of a dare on it, such as, “Dance with a Cowboy”, “Switch shirts with a stranger”, “Feel on a guy’s guns or buns”, “Kiss the bartender”, “Take a picture in the Men’s restroom” and the absurd list goes on! Just as the pole dancing class pushed everyone out of their comfort zone a bit, so do games like this. Bachelorette parties are intended to be spontaneous, memorable events that cause you to do things you normally would never do otherwise. Have fun with it! Take advantage of the special events, such as this, because they aren’t parties you are able to throw every day. Just as diamonds are forever, this party should be a memory that lasts forever.


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