We Love Game Days!

It is the kick off to the first Sunday of NFL season games beginning.. So what do we do? Have a little gathering with all the best game day foods you can think of, of course!

Yesterday was the perfect day to enjoy lots of food, and a cold beer while watching one of America’s most loved sports: football. The preparation for such an event is simple and not very time-consuming. On the menu was mild and barbecue chicken wings, Velveeta cheese dip, home-made pizzas, frito chili pies and vegetables with ranch dip.

For our home-made pizzas, you begin with the already made, store-bought crust. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using already made, store-bought products. Especially if your time schedule doesn’t allow you for all the preparation otherwise. The crust’s we used were Boboli and are available in thin crust, or hand tossed. Atop the crust is Prego Pizza Sauce, (pictured below) mozzarella cheese and whatever toppings of your choosing. In this case, we made one pepperoni pizza, two sausage and pepperoni pizza’s and one supreme.

game day 1 game day 12

ABOVE: Pre-made pizza crust and diced onions and chives for the supreme pizza, as well as just the original pepperoni’s shown. Also pictured, the Prego pizza sauce used on all four pizza’s. BELOW: the calm before the fire, literally.

game day 3

The baking process is as simple as preheating a conventional oven to 350 degrees and allowing the pizza’s to bake for up to 15 minutes. How long you leave the pizza’s in the oven is dependent upon how crispy you want the crust. In our case, we chose to smoke the pizza’s in our smoker to add a little additional flavor. For this, you must keep an eye on the pizza’s and when all the cheese is melted and turning a little gold, they are done.

Next on the menu was a smoked fattie. This heavenly dish is sausage wrapped in bacon and stuffed like a cinnamon roll with cream cheese, onions, pepperoni and sliced jalapeno’s. To prepare something of this nature it took a little more time, but is well worth it. The fattie must be placed in the smoker until its internal temperature reaches 170 degrees. Inserting a meat thermometer into the center of  the meat will provide you with an approximate temp.

game day 4game day 5

ABOVE: The process in which our food was being smoked as well as the aftermath: mouth-watering final product!

BELOW: In the process of throwing events and trying out new things, every host and/or hostess experiences a few hiccups. For us, we had some fiery issues that induced a bit too much smoke from our smoker. When encountering difficulties as a host, find a resolution or alternative means to provide the same outcome as planned. In our case, the guests were wrapped up in trash-talking each other’s teams to even take notice in the little mishap. Lol! Luckily, my dad quickly took over and manned the equipment properly.

game day 8game day 6

Continuing on, the next thing made were our wings. (mild & barbecue) For this, one must have a fryer (with peanut oil), raw chicken wings, and the sauces of your choice. (We used Ott’s original wing sauce and Head and Country’s original Bar-B-Q sauce) For preparation, flour is placed in a mixing bowl. How much flour is dependent upon how many wings you are preparing. Added into this flour is paprika and ground cayenne red pepper for a bit of spice and flavoring. Place 5-8 wings in the mixing bowl until they are completely covered in flour. Take the wings and arrange them in the fryer’s wire basket. After doing so, dip the chicken into the fryer and watch them as they cook. There is not a specific amount of time to leave the wings in the fryer, once again, it is just something you have to watch. Once the wings have a golden brown look, they are ready to be placed in the sauce of your choice. For the sauces, simply pour each one in a separate mixing bowl and lather the wings in them. Following this, place wings in a bowl to cool before consumption.

game day 9game day 11

ABOVE: From raw, to ready! The second picture displays what the wings should look like when they are done frying. The fryer is just a FARBERWARE 2.5 liter, 8 cup appliance that may be purchased at Wal-Mart.

The remainder of our food were frito chili pies, Velveeta cheese dip and vegetables with ranch dip. The frito chili pie came straight from a can and was prepared on the stove. The Velveeta cheese dip ingredients include a block of Velveeta cheese (cut into small squares), three cans of Rotel spicy diced tomatoes (two are completely emptied into the diced cheese, while the last one is simply just the drained juices inserted in) all placed in a Crock-pot and consistently stirred until the cheese is completely melted. The ranch dip is prepared with Hidden Valley packaged ranch. (Instructions on packaging)

For game days there isn’t much more for one to do as a hostess besides, provide the television that has the games on it, as well as the delicious food and cold beverages. It makes for an overall fun day and your guests leave happy!


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