Fiesta Fun

Who doesn’t like Mexican food? Better yet, who doesn’t like margaritas? The next themed event chosen: Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

We will begin with the very simple (& cheap) decor that may go into a party like this..

Tissue Poms 

Table Streamers

“Dress up your drink”

Plastic Maracas

Tissue Poms and Table Garland: for both you will need select colors of tissue paper. In this case, you may want to choose generic red, yellow, green and white to keep up with the theme!

For the poms, you will need 1 package of tissue paper to make 1 pom, (each package has approximately 9 sheets of paper in it, you may mix colors if you would like) thin floral wire, as well as ribbon to hang the poms from the ceiling. First, cut a piece off of the floral wire – about a foot in length. Then take out the entire package of tissue paper (once again, approximately 9 sheets) and fold it accordion style, with your folds measuring about an inch thick. Once this is completed, you will fold your piece of floral wire over both sides of the paper and twist the ends of the wire together – like you would twist the tie on a loaf of bread. Follow this step with looping your ribbon through the wire, as it is easier to attach now to be hung, than later. Next, you must cut both ends of the tissue paper. If you want the pom to have pointed ends, you will cut the ends in a triangular fashion. If you want the pom to be completely round, you will cut the ends in a circular fashion. After doing this on both sides, you will stretch out both sides of the tissue paper – some way that you would a paper fan. When you’ve done this, all you have to do now is start carefully pulling your tissue paper layers apart in the directions you want them to face. Half will go up, the other half down to create the circle.

Blue poms

For the table garland, you need similar materials: tissue paper (how many sheets of paper is dependent upon how many garlands you would like to make, each garland takes about 2 sheets of tissue paper), floral wire, tape and a ruler. First, you will fold two pieces of tissue paper in half like a hamburger and fold it like an accordion as you did for the poms. Lay the paper flat after doing so and begin cutting strips about half-an-inch thick upwards, with the crease of the paper at the top of the paper and the open end where you begin the cut. Next, roll the paper up as you would a burrito and tape it off to allow it to stay. After doing so, you will attach the wire by taping one end to the top of the tissue paper, looping it over to create an oval (to allow the garland to be hung) and tape it on the other side as well.


As for the “Dress up your Drink” materials, all you need are googily eyes, stick on mustaches and tiny plastic sombreros. All of which can be bought at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc. And the plastic maracas may be bought at any of those places, or even dollar general!


The food chosen at a party such as this is completely up to you as the host/hostess! Enchiladas, Dirty rice, Quesadillas, Salsa, Queso, Spicy fajitas, and things along those lines are always going to be a first choice. If you are looking for more finger foods aside from salsa and queso: Mini tacos, 5-layer bean dip, Southwestern tortilla wedges and things such as this are always easy go-to’s.


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