Autumn is undoubtedly upon us. And you know what that means? Halloween is right around the corner! This is another one of my favorite party occasions, and has SO many different possibilities. Of course, it is just a given to make a Best Halloween Costume contest apart of the festivities.


First: It wouldn’t be Halloween without some Jack-O-Lanterns on the porch. If you have any little one’s or little cousins/siblings, this is the perfect “busy work” to give them to do and have a blast while doing it! You can buy pumpkin carving kits at Wal-Mart for very cheap. ($3-$15) Place pumpkins in arrangement on porch and if you’re feeling super festive, place a small CD player or iHome hidden behind the pumpkins and play on repeat some haunting music to give your guests a spooky welcome as they arrive! Also: another very simple and cheap decoration to have outside as your guests arrive are ghost lanterns. In order to make these come to life, all you need are plain white popcorn sacks, or white paper lunch sacks and a black sharpie. Draw whatever funny faces you want on each “ghost” (bottom of paper sack, or closed end, will be the top of the ghosts’ head, bottom needs to be the open end) and place them over the outdoor lights that align the sidewalk as approaching your home. If you do not already have outdoor lights, you can simply buy plastic candles (they look like already lit candles, but are just a lightbulb in the flame shaped topper) and place them along the walk-way up to your door step with the paper ghosts over them.

halloween lights

ABOVE: Obviously, a bit excessive on the number of lights. However, you get the idea! You can cut shapes into the bags as well to project shadows.

Next: The games to play for a Halloween party can be so fun. Along with the contest for whoever has the best costume, you can give candy bag rewards for the winners! (It seems appropriate for Halloween, right?) The first game is the Halloween Guess Who game. As the guests arrive, have a bowl filled with folded pieces of paper that have a Halloween movie, character, phrase or word listed on it. The guest must choose a piece of paper out of the bowl, and without looking at it, tape it to his/her back. (You do not have to do this immediately upon arrival, although it is a great ice breaker for a mixture of friends, it can be started at any point in the night) Once each guest has a piece of paper on their back, they must have others act out their word/words or answer the guess-er’s questions with a simple yes or no. For example: “Am I a girl?”  “Am I a movie?” “Am I dead?” “Do I have hair?” “Am I an animal?” “Was I a human at one point?” etc! Another game that will gross your willing participants out a little is the Mystery Squeel-O-Box game. In this game you prepare by simply buying plastic Tupperware, (may be bought a dollar general – 3 for $1) cutting a large hole in the lids and spray-paint the containers orange. On each container, label the contents with things like: Vampire brains, Witch fingers, Witch tongues, Monster teeth, Vampire teeth, eyeballs, and skin. Each participant must stick their hand in the containers while blindfolded and guess what it is that they are touching. (They will be guessing the actual substance, not “vampire brains” or “monster teeth”)

How to make the creepy crawlies:

  • Vampire brains: You make this one of two ways. First way, is to get a circular sponge and soak it. Once soaked, ring out a little and place in container. Second way, cook a package of spaghetti and place in container. It will begin to piece together after sitting for a while, that is perfect.
  • Witch fingers: Carrot sticks
  • Witch tongues: 1/4 of a banana. Cut the bananas in half, like a hotdog bun. Then, cut the half in half.
  • Monster teeth: Feed corn
  • Vampire teeth: Prongs broken off of plastic forks
  • Eyeballs: Peeled grapes
  • Skin: Flour tortillas with a little bit of vegetable oil spread over them. Break the tortilla into disproportioned slivers after covering in vegetable oil.

And to sum it all up, the drink of the night that is promised to be a sensation: Blood Sucking CocktailIngredients yielding 1 drink: 1 1/2 oz. Bacardi, 1/2 oz. Cointreau (or the orange-flavored liqueur of your choosing), 2 oz’s pineapple juice. After mixing above ingredients with ice, insert a plastic syringe filled with raspberry concentrate for decoration and for the guest to splash into their drink as a blast of flavor. (plastic syringes may be bought at any party store)


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