Winning with Wine

What better way to end a stressful work/class-filled week than a Blind Wine Tasting? In order for everyone to maintain budget, have each guest bring a bottle of their favorite wine.

Preparation before the party:

Buy a couple dozen paper sacks that are large enough to fit a wine bottle in them. After doing so, number off each bag from one to however many guests or bottles of wine you may have. (Numbering too many bags is better than not numbering enough)

wine tasting

Provide simple finger foods that guests may munch on while present at your party. Any wine tasting is very laid back, so there is no need to cook excessively. Great ideas include: An assortment of cheeses and crackers (Club crackers, Ritz crackers and Triscuits topped with miniature blocks of cheese. Another great topping with the crackers and cheese are little slices of summer sausage), Spicy hummus, Cheese ball, barbecue Smokies, Pigs-N-A-Blanket, and any sweet fruit (Strawberries, pineapples, mangos, etc).

As guests arrive, begin bagging the wines into the paper sacks you have already numbered. Once your guest list is complete, the fun begins! Allow the guests to begin going from bag to bag tasting and sniffing the wines. As they do so, they will need to record the number of the bottle which they tasted from and what they think the wine is. If a guest is not aware of what the wine is specifically called, they may simply stick to whether they believe the wine is an expensive or cheap wine. (The fun isn’t in guessing each wine correctly, it’s the indulgence of yummy food and drinks with a good atmosphere.)

At the end of the night, once everyone has recorded their guesses, you will reveal what is underneath Bag #1..2..3..4..etc until you have revealed all the wines. Whomever has the most correct guesses is the winner. And what better prize at a Blind Wine Tasting than a fancy bottle of wine? The winner, and losers will all leave satisfied because no one can argue with a simple night of friends and wine.


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