Casino Night

The first touch to have when planning a Casino night in your home is to have the right décor. Following are some very simple, and cheap ideas to add to the atmosphere when preparing for such a night!

Oversized dice: For this, all you need are Styrofoam cubes which may be bought at Hobby Lobby (normally priced around $2.50-$5) black acrylic paint, and a foam paint brush. To make: you simply paint large black circles on the Styrofoam cubes – Just as you see on the dice you play in board games. Wah-lah! You have the perfect oversized decoration to stack throughout your home and it takes very little preparation time!

lex blog pic

At a party such as this, the basis of the evening will be to enjoy the entities a casino provides. Great games include Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Black Jack. For these games you will need to provide playing cards, and for the prizes you may purchase chocolate gold coins at any Party supplies store!

As for food and drinks, it is easy to follow the theme with food and drinks that one may get at the casino. It is even more fun to give the generic dishes names that follow the casino “feel”. Such as, Poker Chips and Salsa, Texas Hold ‘Em Tortilla Rolls, Spin-It Spinach Dip, Ceasar’s Palace Salad, Black Jack Chicken and many more! You may label each dish with playing cards on sticks by writing directly on the card the name of each food. (As seen below)

lex blog pic 2


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