Cinco De Drinko

Happy Cinco De Mayo! (Hypothetically speaking) This holiday is predominantly celebrated by the Hispanic culture, however, in American it is often an excuse to throw a party, and have a blast while doing so. Although this holiday, as most of you are aware, is often celebrated with lots of tequila and tacos – you may throw a party with yummy food and non-alcoholic drinks as well! I will cover that base in this post as well.

The first touch for this event would have to be the decorations and atmosphere you create throughout the location. Begin with the traditional tissue paper flowers (pictured below), piñatas hanging above the food table, and top off the décor with playing Mexican salsa, mariachi, or merengue music. Celebrate Express (or any other party store) provides endless ideas for additional decorations. Fiesta fun table runners, taco napkins, and sombrero fanci-fetti are perfect for an event such as this!

lex blog pic

In the Hispanic culture, it is very common for the women to create these tissue paper flowers. It is a very simple decoration to include at your Cinco De Mayo Fiesta! Don’t know how? Follow directions here.

In correlation with the fun decorations, the food and drinks are the most important piece to the party being a success. For our party, we created an “All you can drink Margarita” station at our bar, a “Make your own Taco” stand on our center island, as well as a Tequila Tasting later in the evening. The guests loved the idea, and it was a sensation the entire night to allow the guests with ease to choose what they wanted, and when they wanted it, without limit. By convenience, we already had a Margaritaville machine at hand for our event. The machine allows making the bottomless margaritas to be very simple, however, you do not have to have this equipment in order to serve your guests endlessly. A simple blender, or Ninja blender work just the same! The ingredients for margaritas include:

1/2 part DeKuyper Triple Sec, 1 part Pucker Strawberry Schnapps (this flavor is dependent upon what flavor of margaritas you decide to serve. The options are sky-high!), 1 1/2 parts Sauza tequila, 3 parts Sweet/Sour mix. Place ingredients in blender/mixer with ice filled to the top. As the mixture begins to blend, you may add more ice, or more liquid dependent upon how thick or thin it is.

{the brands listed above are also interchangeable according to the user}

For the “Make your own Taco” stand, it is as easy as you can imagine. Place all ingredients from start to finish along a counter, bar, or table so guests may navigate with ease alongside while creating their perfect taco. An examples would include; Beginning the line with hard taco shells, tortillas – corn and flour, followed by bean dip, sour cream, melted cheese and guacamole. Continued with the types of meat you choose: Grilled chicken, ground beef, or fajita steak/chicken. Ending with grated cheese, chopped onions, and sliced jalapeños.

As for those that do not want to have any adult beverages present, you can stick with the exact same ideas as above! Nothing will change, aside from the ingredients in the drink. Virgin margaritas are made by purchasing the “Big Bucket Margarita” mix at locations such as Walmart and pour over ice in a blender for frozen virgin margaritas, or just over a cup of ice for on the rocks! Tastes the same, minus the alcohol. You may also provide both options if you believe any of your guests may not want to drink. It works for all those involved.


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