Totally 80s!

Last weekend we were able to throw one of the most successful/fun parties of all time: A surprise 80s birthday party! Chris Lloyd turned 40, so what better way to celebrate that milestone than to surprise him with one of the best decades, the 80s.

Each guest was to dress up in their favorite 80s outfit and a prize was awarded at the end of the evening. The preparation for this party was composed with lots of creativity in the decorations. Decorations are not just for the looks and atmosphere, but also to get the guests to have more fun while attending the party. I believe our party nailed that aspect right on the head, as seen below. Every little touch matters!

lex 1

lex 4lex 8

The first picture is an AWESOME backdrop for a photo booth. (May be purchased at any almost any party store near you) This allows your guests to be goofy with different props and poses. This also allows guests to loosen up and just have fun. The three pictures following that (above and below) are examples of décor throughout the house. The purple boom box is actually an iHome that hooks up to your cellphone through Bluetooth. It is bright purple and has the same look as the stereos found in the eighties, so we couldn’t resist blasting all the classic eighties hits through it’s speakers. As you can see, banners on the staircase, balloons galore, and tons of dangling swirl-tops that had sunglasses, boom boxes, and music notes on them. For parties with a theme such as this: MORE IS BETTER. There is no such thing as “tacky” when remaking the 80s!

lex 3

As for the food presented, we stuck with simple finger foods. Pigs-in-a-blanket, crackers and dip, mini sandwiches, and many more are good go-to’s. There were also plenty of sweets available.

lex 7

ABOVE: A cake made for the birthday boy! Classic stereo, cassette tape and all. BELOW: Props used in the photo booth. The buttons were bought at the same party store as the banner, for under 5$. The plastic 80s themed sunglasses were bought there as well: $3.99 for a dozen!

lex 9lex 10

The night overall was a complete hit and allowed everyone to relive the “glory days”! The poster made for Chris included pictures throughout the years, many of which were throwbacks. Because who doesn’t love the 80s?

lex 5lex 11


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