Sing Your Heart Out

Another top-of-the-list party that is bound to leave you with nothing but laughter and loony pictures is a Karaoke party. It doesn’t take anymore than any of the other events below, aside from purchasing a karaoke machine. And it is guaranteed to be worth it, without disappointment!

Karaoke machine prices range anywhere between $50-$250. If you’re on a budge like me, you won’t see a need to spend oodles of your precious dollars to buy a karaoke machine that you will probably use 10 times a year. (Until you have kids, because goodness kiddo’s love the karaoke machines!) So, theres an alternative to entertain this party theme: Karaoke games. If you look on Amazon, or any Gaming store around – you can find Karaoke games. They vary from the Wii equipment, to the PS2’s and PS3’s. All you have to do is buy a couple microphones with speakers that you may connect and the party is on! If you do not have any of the above electronics, you can get on and purchase the Singing Machine SMG. The price ranges, depending on the model, between $35-120. This system has the words on the screen and also attaches to your TV for visibility as well!

To begin this party, the invites themselves can be creative and impossible to decline. The idea of inviting to them to a “concert” can’t get any better. Have the invites be tickets to this concert, entailing the date, time, location, and what is to follow at the event.

blog pic 8

With parties such as this, a lot of the time your guests will be timid to get on the mic and sing their heart out. That is where you as a hostess need to break the ice by volunteering first and dragging a friend or two up with you. Also, alcohol always loosens up the nervous jitters for people that are a little more timid than most to sing.

The perfect concoctions for this fun filled festival:

Sidecar Serenade

Berry A’Peeling

Breathe Easy Aquatini

And to top off the yummy drinks: Spiked Fruit Cups

blog pic 9

In addition to the drinks, provide fun props for your guests to use when they “take the stage”. Some great ideas include: crazy colored wigs, plastic microphones for back-up singers, sunglasses, blow-up guitars, obnoxious beads to throw to your fans, and much more.


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